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Textile Printers

Dye-sublimation Textile Printer

Product Highlights:

● Original Hi-precision Epson S3200 print head;

● Two Models: P-Jet 1904, P-Jet 1908 (4 or 8 pcs print heads optional);

● Minimum 3.5pl Variable, Hi-speed and Hi-resolution printing;

● Maximum printing speed 600m²/hour with 8 pcs print heads;

● Mass Ink Supply and Storage Alarm Systems;

● Automatic Print Head cleaning and maintenance systems;

● Pause function for Missing material and ink;

● Supported more extensible Function;

● Have the highest installed capacity of similar products in the market

● Stable and Simple with Quality


High-speed Dye-sublimation Printer

Are you looking for a new dye-sublimation textile printer? Well, then you’ve reached the right place! Dye-sublimation printing is a technique of computer printing using heat to transfer dye to materials such as paper, plastic, card, or fabric.

KINGT P-Jet is a supper fast dye-sublimation textile printer, equipped with original EPSON S3200 inkjet print head with high resolution and great color performance(4 or 8 pcs print heads optional). We have two models: P-Jet 1904 and P-Jet 1908, the difference is the number of print head. The whole digital dye-sublimation printing machine adopts industrial modular design to ensure stable operation. Quickly grab the P-Jet sublimation inkjet printer suitable for all your needs.

Basic Configuration and Technical Characteristic:
• Original EPSON S3200 print head, more durable and stable
• 8 PCS printheads configuration, higher productivity
• Roll-to-roll material, the widest width 190cm
• Auto suck ink, ink suck protect system
• Pause of paper out and alarm for shorting of ink
• Professional color management software, more accurate output color
• State-of-art industrial design concept, strong body
• Fully sealed drying system and mute fans reduce noise a lot
• Intelligent and convenient operation

Media and Ink:
Roll to Roll Media, Print Width: 1.9M
Apply to Sublimation Paper
4colors or 6 colors
apply for dye sublimation ink

We have the highest installed capacity of similar products in China. To discover more about industrial dye-sublimation printer advantages, all you need to do is share a few details in the short form below. We would like to hear from you and we'll be in touch.

  • Capping station

    Capping station

  • Head plate construction

    Head plate construction

  • Main board and motor

    Main board and motor

  • Negative system for ink

    Negative system for ink

  • Ink tank

    Ink tank

  • Feeding and winding

    Feeding and winding

ModelP-Jet 1904 or 1908
Printhead4 or 8 pcs original Epson S3200 Printheads
Printing TechnologyPiezoelectric inkjet, variable dot printing, grayscale technology (3.5pl)
High quality model200㎡/hr
High production model400㎡/hr
High speed model600㎡/hr
Ink TypeDye-sublimation ink
Ink Configuratoin4colors or 6 colors
Heat transfer paper
Ink Supply SystemNegative Pressure System (NPS) with Automatic Ink Supply
Max Printing Size1900mm
Image Process SoftwareMaintop, Photoprint, Texprint, Caldera
File FormatPDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, AI
Ink Cartridge Size5L
Printer Dimesions (X*Y*Z)3700 * 1700 * 1900 mm
Wooden Box Dimensions (X*Y*Z)3900 * 2200 * 2100 mm
Net Weight1800kgs
Power RequirementImput voltage: 220 ~ 240V, single-phase, 50/60HZ, 6.5KW
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 20~30°C; Relative Humidity: 45%~75%;


  • Q What is the Application Range of UV Printer?

    Our UV printer enjoys wide application range. Currently, it has been extensively applied to advertisement, glasspanel, wood floor, ceramic tile, suspended ceiling, electronic product shell, individualized decoration and other fields. Fordetailed application cases, please refer to printer solutions in different application fields.

  • Q How many mobile phone cases can you print a day?

    Take KGT-LE-2513 for example, we can print Iphone case about 5000 units per day.

  • Q How many years can a mchine last?

    About 8-10 years

  • Q How many machines will you sell earch year?

    In the year of 2016, we sold 880 units and we sold 1200 units in 2017.we are the Top 3 Ricoh manufacturer in China.

  • Q How about the printing cost?

    1L ink can print 80 M2,it is about 1 USD per square meter printing.

  • Q How many people in your company?

    The number of employees is 200+, and we have the R&D 30 people, technical support 60 people, production 60 people. Strong research and development ability allows constant launches of new products to keep you at the top of the league.

  • Q What is your company advantage?

    1.Accumulating nearly a decade of experiences in UV printing industry, Kingt provides you professional solutions in UV printers and help you save time and effort getting into the UV market.
    2.Kingt is a trusted manufacturer with recognition from international suppliers. We ensure stable supplies of genuine products.
    3.The top 3 printheads customer for Ricoh shows that Kingt takes up a significant market share of Ricoh printers in the market.
    4.Expansion of manufacturing site and big production capability can cater your growing demand and provide timely delivery. No need to worry about delay or no stock.
    5.The sales volume and amount doubled by 100millions in 2017 shows that you will be working with a fast growing company and expand the potential business together.

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