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Single Pass Printers

KGT-R6D400A Single Pass Printer

● Equipped with Industry Ricoh Gen6 Print Head

● Print Speed: 600dpi, 0-45m/min

● Printing width: 54mm (customizable)

● Feeding Width & Height : 0-360mm(W) , 0-100mm(H)

● RIP Software: Colorgate

● Ink color: UV ink, CMYK+W

● Able to print onto tote bag, kraft paper bag, lunch box lid, bottle lid, packaging box, etc..

● Single pass technology with DOD piezo inkjet techonology

● Simple structure, more productive & stable


KGT-R6D400A One Pass High Speed Digital Printer

The solution provider for tote bag, kraft paper bag, carton, paper sheet, lunch box lid, bottle lid, packaging box, single-sheet flat materials, etc.

Excellent color output: 600dpi high resolution, outstanding color performance, printing speed up to 60m/min

Customization supported: Can be customized as demanded, eco-friendly and no pollution

Single unit production: Digital printing realize single-piece production, dry immediately after printing

Intelligent processing: Most materials can be pretreated, improve ink adhesion

  • Ricoh Gen6 Print Head

    Ricoh Gen6 Print Head

  • Material Plasma Processor

    Material Plasma Processor

  • Raiser Driver

    Raiser Driver

  • Negative Pressure Systems

    Negative Pressure Systems

  • Control System

    Control System

  • Corrosion Resistant Suction Belts

    Corrosion Resistant Suction Belts

  • Lunch Box Lid Printing

    Lunch Box Lid Printing

  • Tote Bag Printing

    Tote Bag Printing

  • Kraft Paper Bag Printing

    Kraft Paper Bag Printing

Printhead4PCS Ricoh Gen6 Print head
Printing TechnologyMicro Piezoelectric inkjet
ApplicationsTote bag, kraft paper bag, carton, paper sheet, lunch box lid, bottle lid, packaging box, etc.
Feeding Width & Height10-360mm(W), 0-100mm(H)
Ink ColorCMYK+W, Eco-friendly UV ink(NO VOC)
Printing Width54mm(customizable)
Print Speed600dpi:0-45m/min
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Printing ProcessUnwinding - Plasma Treatment - Printing - UV Curing - Receiving
RIP SoftwareColorgate
Printer Dimesions (L*W*H)


Net Weight700 kgs
Power RequirementAC220(±10%)50/60HZ Pmax:1.5KW
Operating ConditionsTemperature:20℃ ~30℃(68°F ~ 86°F), Humidity:35% ~ 65% (no condensation)
Operating SystemWindows7 64bit, ntel i7 or more higher configuration, DDR3 1600 8G+SSD System disk + HDD 100G+

  • KGT-R6D400A One Pass High Speed Digital Printer


  • Q What is the Application Range of UV Printer?

    Our UV printer enjoys wide application range. Currently, it has been extensively applied to advertisement, glasspanel, wood floor, ceramic tile, suspended ceiling, electronic product shell, individualized decoration and other fields. Fordetailed application cases, please refer to printer solutions in different application fields.

  • Q How many mobile phone cases can you print a day?

    Take KGT-LE-2513 for example, we can print Iphone case about 5000 units per day.

  • Q How many years can a machine last?

    About 8-10 years

  • Q How many machines will you sell earch year?

    In the year of 2016, we sold 880 units and we sold 1200 units in 2017.we are the Top 3 Ricoh manufacturer in China.

  • Q How about the printing cost?

    1L ink can print 80 M2,it is about 1 USD per square meter printing.

  • Q How many people in your company?

    The number of employees is 200+, and we have the R&D 30 people, technical support 60 people, production 60 people. Strong research and development ability allows constant launches of new products to keep you at the top of the league.

  • Q What is your company advantage?

    1.Accumulating nearly a decade of experiences in UV printing industry, Kingt provides you professional solutions in UV printers and help you save time and effort getting into the UV market.
    2.Kingt is a trusted manufacturer with recognition from international suppliers. We ensure stable supplies of genuine products.
    3.The top 3 printheads customer for Ricoh shows that Kingt takes up a significant market share of Ricoh printers in the market.
    4.Expansion of manufacturing site and big production capability can cater your growing demand and provide timely delivery. No need to worry about delay or no stock.
    5.The sales volume and amount doubled by 100millions in 2017 shows that you will be working with a fast growing company and expand the potential business together.

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