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We are a professional digital printer factory in Shenzhen, China. We manufacture industrial digital printers, we are the forerunner of the industrial printing equipment industry. KINGT keeps exploring users needs and industry applications, after more than 10 years of technical precipitation and accumulation, developed the equipments including UV flatbed printers (KGT-2033, KGT-2513, KGT-1610, KGT-1216, KGT-1016), cylinder printers, digital textile printing machines, digital corrugated printing machines (KGT-2500A), and label presses.The equipments are widely used in advertising, home decoration, digital shell, metal board, textile fabrics, packaging printing and other industries.

UV flatbed printer print materials: phone case, ceramic tiles, glass, wood boards, acrylic sheet, metal sheet, leather, PVC sheet, aluminum plate, advertising sign, etc. Digital corrugated printer print materials: yellow and white cattle cardboard, honeycomb board, wrapping paper, kraft paper, etc.

KINGT has a full set of solution and able to customize for your special requirements. And KINGT also provides professional and close technical advisory services, including full range of products consulting and technical advices, services, etc.

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Tel.: +86 138 2310 2195

E-mail: info@kingtuvprinter.com

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