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KINGT UV Printer Solution in the wood Field

KINGT UV Printer Solution in the wood Field

Wood board printing is a quick, affordable and easy to hang solution for those seeking new business signage on a budget. Since years, images on wood have been printed with different techniques. With UV printing, it is now possible to have private prints on a single item to be used in the advertising and artistic areas. Whether you want to print on full-sheets of plywood or you need to add custom graphics to wooden coasters and small signs, KINGT has a uv printing machine to fit your application needs.

KINGT wood UV printer is a effective solution for wood board printing. It direct prints on wood board with high resolution and outstanding effect. Whether it is for wall panels, wooden arts, wooden tables, furniture, door or others. With KINGT eco-friendly ink, you can print directly on the wood substrate without any treatment, with sharp color performances and professional quality prints to reach your customers’ demands.

Custom color printed wood applications is a great business opportunity that can reach numerous customers from multiple domains. Artists, online storeowners, giftware providers and other custom graphics experts can make huge profits by adding messages, company logos and graphics to a variety of wooden objects.

KINGT provides an eco-friendly working environment for printing wood applications at an increased production speed and low cost printing solution. KINGT UV wood printing machine brings you unique experience with perfect results.

KINGT flatbed printer makes uv printing on wood applications easy. Create beautiful wood designs with your own UV wood printer and customize a printing system to meet YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDs!

  • KINGT UV Wood Printing Machine Solution in the wood Field

    The best choice KGT-1610 or KGT-2513 UV flatbed printer for wood board printing
    Main Process Flow:
    UV Printer solution in the wood board field, the detail production process depends on the material you choose, the normal material is Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Plastic etc...

    If you want to know detail scheme: cost and profit analysis, support equipment as well as specific workflow are included. Please send email to info@kingtuvprinter.com
    General Process:
    1. Cleaning the wood board surface with alcohol.
    2. Primer treatment on materials.
    3. Printing WW(Relief effect option)+CMYK+VV(Optional).
    4. UV gloss paint coating, solidifying.

These are our samples, please request your free UV print sample now!

  • uv printing on wooden toys

    uv printing on wooden toys

    Print brand, text or graphics on wooden toys

  • uv printing on wood boards

    uv printing on wood boards

    Enter the wood boards of digital printing eara and increase the added value of them

  • uv printing on wooden box

    uv printing on wooden box

    Personalized Printing on Wood Objects, 3D Emboss Printing and No Fade

  • uv printing on wooden comb

    uv printing on wooden comb

    Add Graphics to Wooden Products Decoration and Displays

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