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UV Printer Solution in the Plastic Field

UV Printer Solution in the Plastic Field

Plastic and PVC materials are resistant, flexible, durable and cost effective to produce and easy to print on. It has a wide range of applicability especially in digital card personalization.

Plastic cards printing is a proven way to extend market awareness. Print on plastic cards and give to your customers creative, innovative, cutting edge and professional solutions regardless quantity. KINGT UV plastic printing machine let you print plastic and PVC on demand, with fast and effective results.

Customized small plasticstandard cards such as business cards and gift cards are the boost for advertising your brand message. Personalized large plastic signage cards can be used for interior or exterior purposes as trade show signage printing, directional signage printing, event signage printing or as door hanger signage printing.

KINGT digital UV plastic printer adopts non-contact printing technology, which can print the selected pattern in one simple step, which is very easy to operate and it also has the characteristics of precise printing position and fine printing effect, which fully meet customers' requirements for high quality printing needs. It can print flat, 3D and relief effects.

  • KGT-4550 or 1016 Small UV flatbed printer is the best choice for plastic card uv printing

    The best choice KGT-4550 or KGT-1016 UV flatbed printer for plastic printing
    Main Process Flow:
    UV Printer solution in the plastic field, the detail production process depends on the material you choose, the normal material is Wood Board, Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Ceramic Tile etc...

    If you want to know detail scheme: cost and profit analysis, support equipment as well as specific workflow are included. Please send email to info@kingtuvprinter.com.

    General Process:
    1. Cleaning the plastic surface with alcohol.
    2. Primer treatment on materials.
    3. Printing WW(Relief effect option)+CMYK+VV(Optional).
    4. UV gloss paint coating, solidifying.

These are our samples, please request your free UV print sample now!

  • uv printing on plastic toilet seat cover

    uv printing on plastic toilet seat cover

  • uv printing on plastic shell

    uv printing on plastic shell

  • uv printing on plastic phone case

    uv printing on plastic phone case

  • uv printing on plastic buttons

    uv printing on plastic buttons

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