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UV Printer Solution in the Leather Field

UV Printer Solution in the Leather Field

Durable, flexible, fashionable: printing onto leather.
Hardwearing and versatile, leather has been used for clothing, footwear and furniture for millennia. But with Kingt UV flatbed printers and flexible UV inks, this material has been brought into the colourful, customisable world of the 21st century. That’s perfect for clothing, upholstery, gifts, phone cases, interior decoration, furniture, sports equipment and much more besides.

Digital UV leather printing machine makes it possible to print high quality and chemical resistant image on color based leather products. Because of the low cost to custom small quantity printing, the uv leather printer becomes popular among studios and factories.

The giftware and corporate gifts market is exciting and profitable, with lots of opportunities to offer personalised leather products to your customers. Key rings, photograph frames, wallets, phone cases, cushion covers and more can all be decorated in unique designs. Turn plain leather items into high-value, personalised goods.

Compared to traditional leather printing, digital UV printing on leather is easier and more economical. KINGT uv leather printers deliver excellent printing results on leather. You can use our machines to print leather handbags, leather uppers, wallet, leather belts and more. And you will get a satisfactory response beyond your expectation.

Fast and easy is a big advantage for digital uv leather printing machine.

  • Fast and easy is a big advantage for KINGT digital uv leather printing machine

    The best choice KGT-1016 or KGT-2513 UV flatbed printer for leather printing
    Main Process Flow:
    UV Printer solution in the leather field, the detail production process depends on the material you choose, the normal material is Ceramic Tile, Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Plastic etc...

    If you want to know detail scheme: cost and profit analysis, support equipment as well as specific workflow are included. Please send email to info@kingtuvprinter.com
    General Process:
    1. Cleaning the leather surface with alcohol.
    2. Printing WW(Relief effect option)+CMYK+VV(Optional).
    3. UV gloss paint coating, solidifying.

These are our samples, please request your free UV print sample now!

  • uv printing on leather tablet case

    uv printing on leather tablet case

  • uv printing on leather wallet

    uv printing on leather wallet

  • direct uv printing on leather

    direct uv printing on leather

  • uv printing on leather

    uv printing on leather

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