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UV Printer Solution in the Ceramic Tile Field

If you’re looking to print onto ceramic tiles, we’ve got a ceramic tile printing machine for you. 
The incredible material compatibility of KINGT printers means you can print directly onto ceramic tiles such as decorative ceramic tiles, stone tiles, and glass tiles. Our UV ceramic tile printer offer CMYK, white and gloss inks to achieve bright colours, clean monochromes, special effects, textures, raised text and more. You can even offer this service to private customers for their homes – everyone wants a unique kitchen or bathroom!  It is easy to create amazing ceramic tile prints that you expect.
In a word, the ceramic uv printer, with easy operation and stable performance, can meet the demand of all the mass production requirement of various industries and slash cost for customer, thus improve the customer’s market competition ability.
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The best choice KGT-LE-2513 or KGT-LE-2030 UV flatbed printer for ceramic tiles printing
Main Process Flow:
UV Printer solution in the ceramic tiles field, there are so many production processes in the market, I take a simple process, for example, the normal printing process is WW(Relief effect option)+CMYK+Varnish(Optional)
If you want to know detail scheme please send email to Cost and profit analysis, support equipment as well as specific workflow are included.
General Process:
1, Cleaning the ceramic surface with alcohol.
2, Primer treatment on materials.
3, Printing WW(Relief effect option)+CMYK+VV(Optional).
4, UV gloss paint coating, solidifying.

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