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UV Printer Solution in the Acrylic Field

Acrylic has a smooth printing surface and texture and the printed pictures have bright colors, so it is widely used for acrylic signage, photo frames, display boards, doorplates, street signs, publicity boards, etc. 
A good printing solution can maximize the value of product printed. UV printing on acrylic is ideal for applications like illuminated advertisements and signs. Acrylic applications can be personalized with names, text, logos, artworks and graphics and this can be effectively achieved with KINGT UV acrylic printer, regardless the size of the media or the thickness and flexibility of the material. Our uv acrylic printing machine delivers 4-8 multicolor UV printing with CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink and varnish. With our flatbed uv acrylic printer, you can make high-end, color-bright and vivid acrylic prints.
If you consider printing on acrylic, there are a few things to keep in mind: longevity, usability and appearance. 
Now is Definitely the time. It’s definitely the right time to add options to your acrylic business.

The best choice KGT-LE-1016 or KGT-LE-2513 UV flatbed printer for acrylic printing
Main Process Flow:
UV Printer solution in the acrylic field, the normal printing process is mirror printing process, Relief printing process, Varnish printing process.
If you want to know detail scheme please send email to Cost and profit analysis, support equipment as well as specific workflow are included.
General Process:
1, Cleaning the acrylic surface with alcohol.
2, Primer treatment on materials.
3, Printing CMYK+WW.
4, UV gloss paint coating, solidifying.

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