phone case printing machine
2019-05-11 Industry News
At present, the mobile phone market is booming, and a wide variety of mobile phones are dazzling. What followed was the mobile phone shell market, which has exploded in recent years.
Why is the mobile phone case so good? One of the reasons is the protection of the mobile phone. Another reason is that the mobile phone case can make a single mobile phone into a personalized electronic product. This is consistent with the mainstream of people's pursuit of personalized customization in today's society.
  With the promotion of the mainstream of the market, the material of the mobile phone case is more and more, metal tempering, silicone, TPU, pc, etc.
Traditional printing methods can no longer be heard, and many materials cannot be printed. At this time, uv printers came into being, and uv printers can be used for different materials. Just apply the layer. Most of the materials can be printed.
  And the traditional printing method is expensive.
  UV printers are cheaper and more accessible to the people.
You can print hundreds of thousands of pieces in one day. And each can be customized with different patterns.
 Bo Yi Chuang UV printer can not only print patterns, but also color gradients and print reliefs. These are the effects that traditional printing presses cannot achieve.