digital glass printing machine
2019-05-28 Industry News
It is an inkjet printing high-tech digital printing equipment that is “non-contact with objects”.  Color inkjet printers occupy the middle and low end of the market because of their good printing results and lower price. In addition, inkjet printers have more flexible paper processing capabilities. In the choice of printing media, inkjet printers also have certain advantages: they can print ordinary media such as envelopes and letterheads, and can also print various films and photo papers. Special media such as CD cover, roll paper, T-shirt transfer paper. Therefore, the printer can be modified to print any material such as glass, PVC, wood, etc., so it is called a universal printer.
Glass digital printing machine rotary screen model: The printing plate of the rotary screen printing machine is a cylinder. The rotary screen printing machine directly adopts the conduction belt, and the printing speed is relatively fast, up to 5000m per hour. The disadvantage is that only the fixed flower can be printed. Type, suitable for mass production of grey cloth. The printing plate of the roller printing machine is a copper roller. The roller printing machine is surrounded by a plurality of stamped copper rollers with a concave pattern, and there is no guide belt or platen. . Its guide belt (copper roller), rotary screen (printing roller) and grey fabric are all running continuously. They can only print grey fabric and can not print pieces. The speed is similar to that of rotary net. Infinitely long digital printing machine: unlimited length digital The printing machine is a kind of pure cotton direct-injection printer that is produced in the factory and is batch-produced under the change of the environment. It can be printed in any direction to meet different needs. Flat screen model: The printing plate of the flat screen printing machine is a flat screen version, and the flat screen printing machine has both a guide belt and a plate. The guide belt is called: the belt printing machine is suitable for printing large-area water slurry in the garment cutting piece.