Use Of Inkjet Printer Machine
2019-09-19 Industry News
When using the inkjet printer machine , make sure that the refilled inkjet nozzle is in good condition. When refilling, it is best to add ink with original ink. After use, the ink cartridge should be completely cleaned. Otherwise, a new reaction may occur if the new ink is different from the previous ink.
When cleaning the ink cartridge, you can use a syringe to inject a small amount of water into the ink cartridge, then grab the ink cartridge by hand, shake it gently, let the remaining ink dissolve in the water, and then use a syringe to drain the liquid in the cartridge. The operation can be repeated several times until the color of the extracted liquid is close to the color of the white water, and the cleaning is completed. Because the ink cartridge is important for the operation of the inkjet printer machine.
When loading ink into the ink cartridge, be careful not to add too much at a time, just enough to use it. If the inkjet printer does not need to be used for a while, it is best to place the printer's ink cartridge in a special storage box. The nozzles of inkjet printers are very important, and the necessary cleaning and maintenance of the nozzles must be performed. When the inkjet printer machine is turned off, turn off the power button first, then turn off the power. Otherwise, it will directly damage the printer. After shutting down, try to cover the printer with a cloth to prevent dust from entering the printer.