Flatbed Inkjet Printer
2019-07-19 Industry News
Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced manufacturer in producing flatbed inkjet printer in China. It offers UV printers’ sizes range from small format to large format and caters the need of different industries.
Model Print Area Industry
KGT-LE-4550 45cm x 50cm Gift & Premium, Souvenirs, Sampling
KGT-LE-1016 1m x 1.6m
KGT-LE-1610 1.6m x 1m Home decoration, Furniture, Construction, Sign & Graphics, Packaging, Home Appliance
KGT-LE-2513 2.5m x 1.3m
KGT-LE-1325 1.3m x 2.5m
KGT-LE-2030 2m x 3m
KGT-LE-2533 2.5m x 3.3m
For more information on the flatbed inkjet printer, contact our product specialist via info@kingtuvprinter.com