Why Choice uv flatbed printer with Ricoh Gen6 printheads in industry manufacture
2019-05-09 Company News
 Shenzhen Kingt Technology co.,LTD launched new product presentation during in Shanghai Appexpo 2019, The show is very successful attracting professional buyers .
Why so many professional buyers are interested in KGT-LE2513 with Ricoh Gen6 printheads?
The reason is the flawless design ,hi-speed ,hi-precision? Ofcause it is .but also the GEN6 special and right time choice Ricoh Gen6 printhead in industry printing.

· As the famous  industry captain Ricoh company ,generation Gen6 is the first time has made its industrial printhead debut in China,
· Minimized 5pl droplet size and improved spray accuracy yield excellent print quality without a granular feel. In addition, the highest frequency of the gray level is 50kHz, which can improve productivity.