KINGT Ricoh Gen6 Printhead UV Flatbed Printer
2019-09-19 Company News
In recent years, with the rapid development of UV technology industry, UV digital printing is also facing new challenges. New breakthroughs and innovations are needed in printing accuracy and speed to meet customers' higher requirements for machine use. Recently, with the strong support of RICOH company, we KINGT company successfully applied RICOH Gen6 printhead in UV flatbed printer field, and launched a new RICOH G6 printhead UV Flatbed Printer. When the product came out since earlier this year, it attracted the attention of the whole industry.


Shenzhen KingT technology co., ltd. focuses on R&D and production of Ricoh printhead UV flatbed printer, and has become a strategic partnership with Ricoh company which is the world's top digital image printing enterprise, and KINGT is a leading equipment supplier and solution provider in the field of industrial printing in China! This time, the original imported Ricoh Gen6 printhead is adopted in KINGT, with this Ricoh Gen6 printhead, the machine provide further improves the accuracy of the drop point, and can realize the printing with small particle sense and high precision. In addition, the printing speed and production efficiency can also be improved through the driving frequency up to 50kHz when the large ink drops are injected.

In the machine accessories, KINGT is well capable on the product details innovation, improve the machine printing speed and stability, effectively reduce the machine high-speed running noise, reduce energy consumption, increase the machine life, but also can greatly improve the ink accuracy and save ink.
KINGT Ricoh Gen6 printer will provide customers with a more comprehensive printing solutions! Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co. Ltd., as a collection of R&D, production, sales, import and export in one of the solid type of printing equipment manufacturers, pre-sales and after-sales have a professional team and global agents to provide service, and large number of customer background to keep update printing solution in different industry, KINGT Ricoh Gen6 UV flatbed printer is absolutely your Ideal choice.