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Product parameters

Printhead 5-6 Ricoh GH2220
Printing Technology Piezoelectric inkjet,variable dot printing,grayscale technology(3.5-7pl)
X&YMotor High Quality Servo Motors
Printing  Resolution 720x900 DPI / 720x1200 DPI
Printing Direction Uni and Bi-direction
Media Maximum Print Size 1000mm (Width) x 1600mm (Length)
Table.Size 1050mm (Width) x 1650mm (Length)
Weight 50kgs/m2
Ink Type UV LED Curable Inks
Ink Configuration CMYK+W(Standard),CMYK+WW
Ink Capacity 1500ml Bottle
Ink Supply System Negative Pressure System (NPS) with Automatic Ink Supply
Curing Sysem Daul UV LED lamps,water cooling system
Image Process Software ColorGate(Bundle Version)
File Format Tiff,Jpeg,Posts cript,EPS,PDF,DCS2.0
Interface   USB 2.0
Power 4000Watts
Power requirements Input voltage:220-240V, single-phase,50/60Hz
Printer Dimensions(X*Y*Z) 1500x2218x1132mm
Wooden Box Dimensions(X*Y*Z) 2265x2365x1335mm
Net Weight 500kgs
Warranty One year limited warranty(Please contact your local dealer for accurate data)
Resolution 720x900DPI 720x 1200DPI
Pass 8 Pass 12 Pass
Direction Bi-Direction Bi-Direction
Speed 5 sqm/h 3.7 sqm/h


Latest Ricoh development of industrial GH2220 printheads
makes continuous printing at extra-high quality and delivers
excellent cost performance.

High performance guide screw 
High-density screw with dual linear guide rails,which guarantees rail and beam move accurately,stably and reliably.

True Industrial Build Flatbed With Vacuum Table

Built on a solid steel platform, GH2220 Printer features a unique motor driven vacuum bed for highly accurate dot placement. The flatbed architecture can print on rigid media up to ten centimeters thick. Geared up by a vacuum table that allows different zoned suctions to hold all types of materials perfectly in place to ensure perfect registration on rigid and flexible materials. A true flatbed means accuracy for perfection.

Negative Pressure System
Pressure system for ink supply with digital control greater
pressure display gauges to increase printing speed and

Vacuum Bed Platform
The vacuum bed holds media steady to ensure stable printing.
The vacuum system can be turned ON/OFF easily from the control
panel by a button.

Mechanical Anti Crash System 
Mechanical anti crash device effectively stops the carriage to
protect print head once it touches the media.

It supports vary kinds of file formats such as TIF/JPEG/EPS/AI/PS/
PDF/DCS2.0.Because of its high performance of color management
and ICC profile, there are several advantages by using ColorGATE RIP:
30% ink cost rduction/high print quality/Ink dry in less time/High RIP

Low Ink Volume Reminding System
When the ink volume is low, the alarm will light up and beep.

White Ink Circulation System
Keeps color particulates in motion in a bid to improve
stability and dispersions of the pigments in the fluid reservoir
and ink path.

Emergency Stop Switches 
Stop operation from any side of the printer;


Automatic height detection
Once altimeter touch media, carrige automaticlly adjust itself to appropriate height;