ricoh gen5 uv printer
2019-04-30 Industry News
Industry UV flatbed printer technology advantages:
1. The material does not move, the printing beam is stepped to ensure the printing accuracy of the heavy plate;
2. Unique top wheel lifting device to facilitate loading and unloading of glass and other materials;
3. Servo-controlled Y-axis drive, the beam return speed is fast, saving work conversion time;
4. Vertical and horizontal double zero printing function, saving work conversion time and improving printing efficiency;
5. Powerful sub-cavity control adsorption function to ensure that the material does not warp;
6. Configure 6 color + white + varnish printing mode to achieve perfect printing of transparent materials;
7. Optional matt, bright, high-energy, low-energy and other curing methods to extend the life of the lamp;
8. Provide automatic sealing head, automatic lifting, positioning pin, pressure roller and other optional functions;
9. The equipment entry cost is low, the upgrade potential is large, and a one-stop process solution is provided.
10. Free intermediate consumables, printing speed is super fast, quick printing and quick drying, that is, printing and ready to take, directly print out the convex and concave feel, saving time and convenience.