pen printer machine price
2019-06-06 Industry News
With automatic paper feed function
HPGL language, fully support a variety of clothing CAD software at home and abroad
Remote transfer, U disk storage, real-time full offline drawing
Hardware built-in XY scaling function for more convenient and accurate control of marker size
Chinese and English display, intuitive operation, high-precision subdivision drive, faster
Specially selected imported steel thorn paper feed shaft, higher paper accuracy
Unique offline and online functions to observe the drawing status at the right time
More than 45 grams of ordinary drawing paper; 300 meters of large load paper feeding capacity, cheaper supplies, easier operation
※ Technical Parameters
Model: FD-1350S
Maximum paper feed: 133cm
Largest drawing area: 123cm
Control panel: LCD display, Chinese and English settings, electric shock button
Drawing speed: 600--1200mm/s
Language format: HP-GL drawing language
Communication interface: serial port / support U disk storage read output, support for Bluetooth transmission (optional)
Drawing pen: gel pen, water-based pen, ball pen
Mechanical resolution: 0.0254mm/step
Paper feed shaft: imported stainless steel shaft
Coordinate origin: Any adjustable
Recommended paper: 50--180 g / square meter
Drive: Stepping high speed subdivision motor drive
Cache: 2-4 megabits
Power supply voltage: AC90-260V/50-60Hz