large format flatbed printer
2019-06-22 Industry News
Basic Features:
1, UV ink, to meet multi-purpose industrial production;
2. LED-UV environmentally friendly cold light source curing system, excellent energy saving, power saving and curing effect;
3. Large platform, tailored for industrial users;
4. Ultra-high precision, surpassing the precision of traditional UV machine, up to 2880 dpi *1440dpi;
5. Capable of photoelectric positioning device, X and Y repeat printing without repeated displacement;
6. Can print the product bump effect;
7. The negative pressure ink supply system and the three-stage ink filtration system invented by the state ensure that the ink volume is stable at the output and the nozzle is blocked.
8. Advanced ICC color management to effectively control the color cast due to ink or media differences;
9. With independent laser nozzle anti-collision device. Completely eliminate the hard damage of the nozzle.
Adopted parts:
Imported Delta servo system Taiwan silver slide rail Omron sensor Laser measuring nozzle protection device
High-precision ball screw Original EPSON nozzle US imported three-stage filtration system Environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient LED-UV curing device
 Nozzle technology: Piezo nozzle
Ink supply system: continuous ink supply + advanced three-stage filtration system
Ink characteristics: UV curing ink
Nozzle control: Software adjusts nozzle temperature and voltage
Transmission system: imported high-precision servo motor, Taiwan silver slide, etc.
Alignment system: infrared photoelectric induction
Drying system: LED-UV light source