high precision printer machine
2019-04-04 Industry News
The high-precision printer is designed and manufactured according to the concept of “three-dimensional digital printing system”. It is suitable for any medium with thickness of 20cm or less, including glass, plastic, organic board, leather, rubber, marble, paper, metal, wood. , high-definition digital printing, porcelain, film, cloth and so on. And the operation is simple and convenient, just like operating a home printer. Special prepress coating solution and special ink can be used to print on various media.
1: It can print on multiple media, and it will also get bright colors on the uneven surface (the height of the curve is kept within 7mm).
2: Micro piezoelectric printing accuracy up to 2880.dpi
3: Anti-print head blocking function makes the machine performance more stable.
4: A continuous ink supply system can be provided to greatly reduce printing costs and increase profit margins.
5: Full range of printing inks and layer processing technology.
6: The special ink composition ensures long-term color clear and beautiful outdoors.
7: The print speed can be adjusted according to the printing accuracy.
8: Printable area is A2 A1 A0...etc.
9: Automatically adjust the appropriate height of the consumables through the automatic sensor, and automatically restore the fixed frame after output.
For example, the LOGE-5D high-precision printer (Deep Longjie series) can print any desired pattern directly on the PVC sheet, card, board and PVC material. After simple processing, the image can be made long-lasting and clear. Do not fade. It can replace traditional pad printing, screen printing, etc. It solves the shortcomings of high cost, complicated process, large staff dependence, and network outlets in other traditional printing modes. This tablet printer not only has several times the speed increase. And left room for further speed improvement in the future. At the same time, the printing accuracy of this machine has also been doubled, reaching 5760DDPI, the details - the perfect achievement! Combine with LOGE series inks and coatings to restore everything you have! Landscape figures, flowers and insects, cartoons, corporate logos... all at your fingertips!