digital uv flatbed printer
2019-01-11 Industry News
Uv flatbed printer can print materials:
1. Decoration, decoration industry, ceiling, ceiling and other materials;
2, glass industry, frosted glass, white glass, etc.;
3, furniture sliding door industry, wood panels, sliding doors, etc.;
4. Advertising industry, KT board, acrylic, etc.;
5, packaging industry, wooden boxes, cartons, etc.
6, leather industry, pu leather, cattle leather, etc.;
7, textile industry, T-shirts, polyester fabrics, etc.;
8, mobile phone digital industry, mobile phone case, mobile phone holster, etc.;
9, stationery industry, ruler, pencil, etc.;
10. Toy industry, building blocks, toy cars, etc.;
11, crafts industry, issuing cards, cigarette boxes, tea boxes and so on.
In addition, there are some materials to be developed and unpopular. This is also the reason why it is called a universal printer, mainly to indicate that a machine prints a wide variety of materials.