digital printing machine
2018-11-29 Industry News
The digital direct-injection printing machine has gone from the proofing to the small and medium-sized production stage. The digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine has passed the product introduction period and entered the growth and maturity period because of the digital direct-injection printing.
The advantage of the production method is still irreplaceable in the short-term, so there is still a long way to go before the product decline period. This is a happy thing for practitioners in the direct-print printing industry.
In the initial stage of direct injection printing, with the low acceptance of customers, high printing cost and high defect rate, it was very happy to do 5 meters an hour at that time, but it was already very happy with an order of tens of meters.
The ink technology is not mature, the process is perfect, and the line is often broken. The pass channel has become a distinctive feature of the product during that period. The corresponding cost is also high, and the charge is high, but the profit is not high. and
And the initial production is very low, so the overall market is in the incubation stage.
With the acceptance of the printing factory, the direct-injection printing process and the direct-injection digital printing machine have gradually matured and improved, and the direct-injection printing process has entered the growth stage and maturity stage.