ceramic tile printing machine
2019-06-15 Industry News
This product is a new generation of high-tech digital printing equipment with unlimited materials. It can output high-definition digital color images on any material. The color is beautiful, the image is waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant, never faded. The ink method is simple and convenient to operate, the printing image speed is fast, the cost is low, and the application field is very wide. It has the following characteristics: Based on the most advanced printing technology, three-dimensional true color continuous printing, intelligent precise positioning system, adjustable buttons on the upper and lower positions, can be directly printed on irregular shapes, eliminating the cumbersome processes such as mold-making boards. Greatly reduce the cost of proofing, shorten the processing time, and improve the production efficiency. The 4 color and 8 color inks can achieve the gradual effect between colors, meet the needs of various personality design, the pattern is clear and lasting, waterproof, anti-shedding, and can Ready to use. It is a versatile digital printing machine. Wide range of applications, direct printing on metal, glass, crystal, leather, wood, stone, plastic, porcelain and other materials, can also be painted on the micro-curved surface of gifts, mobile phone casings, etc., and on t-shirts Digital printing, combined with digital printing ink, can become a digital printing machine. Industrial products, construction and other industries provide simple and efficient professional short version.