UV flatbed printer
2018-11-29 Industry News
The UV flatbed printer is a revolution in digital output. It not only takes into account a wide range of applications, but also has an output effect. It is also because of its direct output, easy access, and reduced processes, which makes large-scale production possible. The inkjet printing market has opened up a bright road.
UV flatbed printers can be printed directly on any flat media, such as KT, acrylic, plexiglass, hard sign, cardboard or corrugated packaging, special products and decorative markets, etc. It does not require other transfer media, light and waterproof The output precision is high, and the output is controlled by the best color management software to ensure the image print quality, the load weight is large, and the thickness of the medium can be adjusted as needed. These advantages and performance ensure its wide application in various fields.

The UV flatbed printer digitally prints a variety of images on any medium, creatively combining the style of the image with the changes in the medium. The studio industry's expectations for differentiated, personalized products are increasing, and flat-panel printing, with its strong compatibility and excellent print performance, allows image operators to create an infinite number of ideas. This kind of creativity is a profit growth point for images and post-processing companies. For consumers, seeing their photos being creatively printed on all kinds of possible and impossible items will have a strong desire to buy.