Gen4 uv printer
2018-11-07 Industry News
Advantages of the Ricoh GEN4 nozzle:
1, Ricoh nozzle is a gray-scale piezoelectric nozzle, variable ink droplet printing, minimum 7PL, maximum 35pl, photo-level accuracy, can clearly print 2PT font printing, the highest resolution 1200dpi*600, or 1200*1200 12pass printing, The positioning of the nozzle car uses a fixed linear grating to ensure high-precision print positioning. The lightweight platform makes the transfer of the plates easier, the positioning is more precise, and the printing is repeated without deviation.
2, Ricoh nozzle itself is made of all-steel nozzle, not easy to corrode, not easy to plug, cleaning nozzle mode, automatic cleaning with piston cleaning method, it is not easy to cause damage to the nozzle, the nozzle and cable are integrated, row The line is in stable contact with the nozzle, and there is no problem of loose line. Ricoh nozzle printing can be divided into single and double row inkjet, ink control is very good, variable single and double row can also print quickly and slow.

Gen4 uv printer
3, Ricoh nozzle adopts intelligent X-direction and Y-direction white-out printing, automatically recognizes blank areas and quickly skips, supports multiple copy printing and area printing, facilitating batch printing of large images and sampling printing of large images. Support for recovery printing, for recovery printing for a user to stop a print job or to exit a print job due to an error during printing. Supports the mirror-to-print function for double-sided printing. Dual zero positioning (double start printing), the printer can print from the beginning or from the tail. Reverse printing and alternating forward and reverse printing will increase productivity and not waste a useful material.
4, Humanized design, automatic medium thickness measurement and automatic high and low control system adopts full-closed control mode, which can automatically adapt to different thickness media to avoid damage caused by human error. The automatic whitening printing function with significantly improved production efficiency can automatically recognize and avoid blank parts in the screen, and can set the irradiation power of two UV lamps. When bidirectional printing, it automatically rotates according to the round-trip direction, which can effectively reduce the depth and pass. The powerful nozzle compensation function can replace the faulty nozzle with a functioning nozzle for inkjet printing, ensuring that the screen does not appear white or pass. Equipped with powerful intelligent and user-friendly RIP software, different screens can be output after overlapping. Great convenience for daily proofing and coloring work, and the shipping efficiency has been greatly improved. The optional software template printing technology solves the error problem in the splicing, so that the splicing error is less than 0.5mm, the optional pipeline printing mode is adapted to the industrial online generation, the trolley medium anti-collision device can automatically stop when hitting the medium, and protect the car nozzle .
5, stable and reliable, the full range of digital printing equipment is designed according to the 24-hour * 7-day production mode, using a variety of durable parts that meet industrial production requirements, especially the use of industrial-grade nozzles only need careful use and maintenance can be used On 3-5 years.
The IGUS towline, Fuji servo motor and MaiGudi timing belt ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of the system. The equipment is equipped with multiple emergency brake switches to ensure personal and equipment safety.
   A variety of nozzle standby protection solutions, to achieve the combination of flash spray, squeeze ink, high-speed flash spray, so that the print head is always in the best working state.
   The spray car uses a fixed linear grating to ensure high-precision printing and positioning.
6. Saves ink up to 30%-50%. Because the grayscale nozzle uses variable point technology, the four-color printing effect is the same as the six-color printing without the grayscale nozzle, because the grayscale nozzle does not print in color. The place will print in dark colors such as KCMY, and print in light colors such as LmLc in lighter colors, but whether it is dark or light, the size of the ink droplets on the nozzle is the same, just because shallow Color contributes less to color and is lighter, but Ricoh prints use grayscale printing. They print with 21pl in darker colors and 14pl in lighter colors, but in very light colors. The place adopts 7pl printing, which means that the grayscale printing technology adapts to the change of the color depth of the image by adjusting the size of the ink droplets, so that the ink usage can be reduced, and the ordinary printing is to adapt to the color depth of the image by adding light ink. The change in ink usage will be greater.
7. Environmentally friendly, using VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free environmentally friendly UV-curable inks – a new trend in the future!