GH2220 uv printer
2018-11-02 Industry News
Top ten selling points of UV flatbed printers:
  1) The printing cost is low, which can greatly reduce the special printing cost of the product.
  2) Fast printing speed, simple and clear operation, no personnel dependence.
  3) Epson print heads, high image quality and vivid colors.
  4) Mass production and processing are convenient and large.
5) The portrait card is personalized and does not need to be laminated.
6) ID white card M1 white card print directly.
7) All kinds of bar code and flat code printing save the cost of the print head ribbon.
  8) Strong stability and solve many of the shortcomings of existing card printers.
  9) After-sales service guarantee, professional R&D, production and after-sales service capabilities.
  10) Our company is a very early, very large and very large manufacturer of UV super flat card printers in China.