How to purchase a ideal UV flatbed printer
2018-03-30 Company News
After several years rapid develop, UV flatbed printer are become very popular in the market, and more and morn people know it, the machine creative a lot of opportunity for people to earn their the same time, more and more UV flatbed printer suppliers realize that this is a new area, a profitable there are so many UV flatbed printer show on the market in a short time.
As a customer who want to purchase a ideal machine,it become a little difficult,Why? Because there are so many machine in the market, I dont know which I should choosing.
OK,please be patiently and continue reading,let me help you to figure it out.
Before we choosing a machine, I think there are two point we should take it into consideration, the first one is price, and the another one is the machine should demand our need.including the print resolution,print speed,machine stable performance, of course, we also should think about the maintenance cost and the manufacturer couldnt provide a strong after-sell service.
Here is the key point to choose a good machine:
1,the nozzle print resolution and machine stable performance.

Through print a sample with small typeface,if the effect is clear without ghosting,it is trun out that the machine is stable performance is OK.if indistinct and appear ghosting, it trun out that the machine design isnt suitable,shake is large in the process of operation.
2,the powerful of the manufacturer
A powerful manufacturer with their own technology,R&D team,after-sell service team...etc, their product through their professional test and push out the market for a long time, and the product become mature,improvement. This kinds of machine will satisfy the customers, and help they save their time and money, and keep there business go on smoothly.
3,Pint effect

Now, so many UV flatbed printer suppliers provide print sample for free,before you choose a machine, you should take your material to print sample first,choose different machine to pint the same sample, through comparison,you will know which is the best for you, KINGT help their customer to seek the suitable print solution.
Some customer know different suppliers have their own advantage,KINGT only engaged in UV Flatbed printer area for 10 years,our machine with Ricoh nozzle, high resolution with stable performance.we are absolutely professional.
5,after-sell service
A better after-sell service is most importance than the machine,the best machine may have problem someday,if the machine is stop working, customer cant keep on production, that will got a lost in their business,so a strong after-sell service team is a promise for your business.will help you keep on earn money, help you save time and improve production efficiency.creative more profit for you.